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Menu for English speakers

Why not?

Let's lead easy-going, fun and enjoyable life!

I have been collecting these recipes for a while now. I think it's time I shared it with someone special. Is it you? These recipes have all been tested. I cooked for myself, for my family and for guests. People were happy! Therefore, I reckoned that recipes must not only be easy and healthy or not just spoil you rotten and your beloved ones but also make everyone happy! Starting from you, when you open the oven, or take your pan out, or use your favourite sharp knife and continuing with people who taste out your dishes. These deliciousness will make you smile, I promise.


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Get an email with one-week menu.  You can check out for yourself how easy it can be to make a yummy breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some recipes even have videos! There is nothing that can stop you from trying out our perfectly planned one week menu. You can always take recipe from Tuesday lunch and make it your Wednesday dinner. And more than that, you can change any dinner recipe into your breakfast! Personally I think that pancakes should be eaten for dinner and deserts for breakfast. Life is too short to wait for perfect timing. 


There is one week menu inside your email. You will see breakfast, lunch and dinner. Click on the name of the recipe and you will be redirected to the corresponding website. Some recipes are vegan, some days are vegetarian. This menu was not planned for a specific diet. However, it was planned by a mother who like most mums, cooks every day (well, almost). 



Get an email with one-week menu

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